Friday, July 8, 2011

Two Outfits

Hi everyone.. I hope all of you are doing fine.. It's been a 2 weeks since my last post.. I'm so sorry.. :D

So this is a quick post about 2 of my remix outfits for '30 for 30 challenge' that I wore last week before my trip to Bali.. Yes, I went to Bali last week with my parents and boyfriend. My cousin got married in Bali, so I decided to attend the wedding reception. I stayed 4 days and 3 nights at Bali.. I'll post you some of my photos from my Bali trip tomorrow..

And this is my photos of my 2 remix outfits for '30 for 30 challenge'..

Top : unbranded
Skirt : Chic Simple
Wedges : Shooz
Necklace : Accessarie
Bangle : Accessarie

Pants : The Executive
Blazers : Giordano Ladies
Wedges : Shooz
Necklace : Accessarie
Bangles : random

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Outfit #06

 Top - unbranded
Skirt - Velvet
Obi - Velvet
Wedges - Shooz
Necklace - toofashion2010
Bangles - random

Hi, everyone.. How's your day?
I had a meeting today.. I'm so happy that the meeting went well..
I hope all of you are having a nice day too :)

Ps. Thank you to my dear cousin, Sharin, for this new header :)

First Kpop Concert

Last Saturday (June 18, 2011), my boyfriend and I went to see FantastiKpop Jakarta at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. That was our first experience to see a kpop (Korean Pop) concert. I decided to see this concert because one of my favorite boybands, 2AM, was one of the stars in that concert. The other stars was Joo, San E, Kim Hyung Joon, and Miss A. My boyfriend actually is not into kpop, and I thank him for accompanying me to see this concert.
I was at the tribune 1 and I really enjoyed the concert which was held for 2.5 hours.. And surprisingly, my boyfriend won one of the 'golden tickets' to the San E and Miss A fan meeting. And he gave it to me so I could join the fan meeting which was held the day after the concert at Mulia Hotel. And I got a Miss A signed CD after I participated in a quiz to greet them in Korean.

These are the photos of FantastiKpop Jakarta and San E & Miss A Fan Meeting..
This is a new band named Narest. They performed a couple songs on a stage outside the Istora Senayan building to entertain people before the main gate is opened.
This is Nuki, the keyboardist of Narest. And he is my boyfriend's brother.. :)
My outfit #5 for '30 for 30 challenge'
Jeans - Pull & Bear
Wedges - Shooz
Bangle - Accessarie
Necklace - toofashion2010
The first singer who performed was Joo.
2AM, minus Jinwoon.
San E.. I love his personality!
Kim Hyung Joon
Miss A
Me and my boyfriend
Everyone who got a 'Blackrock' stamp at the back of their paper wristband would get a golden ticket to San E and Miss A fan meeting on the day after the concert. And my boyfriend got it!
San E and Miss A at the fan meeting
Miss A signed CD

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Batik Dress

Hi, everyone..
How's your day? I hope your day would be great..

Today, I'm gonna share you some photos of mine wearing my batik dress.. Some of you might have heard about batik before. Batik is both an Indonesian art and craft, that traditionally uses a manual wax resist dyeing technique. You can find more explanation about Batik in HERE

To to help preserve batik as one of Indonesian cultures, almost all of companies and institutes in Indonesia holds batik day every Friday. These are photos of me wearing my batik dress as my outfit #4 of '30 for 30 challenge' to office on last Friday..
Batik dress - tailor made
Wedges - Crocs
Shawl - Cotton Ink
Bangle - unbranded

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

It Has Stolen My Heart

It's 11.20 PM here.. I'm quite tired today.. So.. I'm just gonna do a quick post about my outfit for work today..
Top : unbranded
Skirt : tailor-made
Wedges : Crocs
Necklace : toofashion2010
Bracelet : Accessarie

Ok, I hate Crocs at first.. I don't like their first designs.. But nowadays, their designs changed a lot and some of them has stolen my heart.. Yes, including this wedges.. It's pretty, right?

Giveaway and Outfit #02

Hi everyone.. I just want to show you something that I've got last week :D

A couple weeks ago, I won a giveaway from Cuore on Julie Ann Art's blog. And last week, finally 'it' arrived in front of my house.. I got an Owl Canvas Case and a Pug Wooden Key Chain. They're so cute.. Love them!!

And about the 30 for 30 challenge, here's my outfit for work that I wore yesterday..
 Top - Velvet
Skirt - tailormade
Necklace - Forever21
Wedges : Shooz

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Have a nice day, everyone :)

My 30 Items

Hi everyone.. Sorry for my late post.. As my promise, here are my 30 items for '30 for 30 challenge'.. :)

Ps. I know, I'm not good with photoshop.. Please do understand :D